Thursday, May 6, 2010

Voting Day

Today over here in the UK, we are voting for a new Government.We call it the "general election" as opposed to the local elections, which happen more frequently.

So many people don't bother to vote. It really is sad, especially when you think of the people who fought and some who died, so we have the right to vote. I've never been apathetic about voting, even as a younger person. That stems from my Grandfather, Richard Owen, who was a big influence in my life. Grandfather went through the First World War, as he would say "up to his neck in muck and bullets" for the most of that war. I can remember his medals kept in his drawer in an old brown envelope. He wanted to forget.

My Grandfather and Grandmother more or less brought me up, as both my parents worked, and I lived part of the time at their house. Grandfather had many stories to tell and I used to listen in awe and received a wonderful education in the process.

Always A political, we were often the only house with a Vote for.... poster in the window. So I am off to vote this morning, and then I will take numbers for the party I support. I won't tell you which one but if anyone has read my very early books about life in Manchester, you would be able to guess!


jrlindermuth said...

So many take lightly not only the privilege but also the responsibility to vote. I guess it's just easier to complain about the government we get.

Paula Martin said...

Totally agree, Margaret. As a historian, I appreciate the struggle that the 'ordinary' people - and of course, women - had to get the vote.
Not to vote today is to belittle the efforts of all those people who, as you say, fought and sometimes died to get universal suffrage.

margaret blake said...

Thank you for your pertinent comments. I am so depressed today!

Sarita Leone said...

I've never missed a chance to vote. Good for you and yours, Margaret, for being so conscious of your rights as a citizen. Hope the voting went well!

Kathleen said...

And what an election! So hard to sort it out.