Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Saxon Tapestry - June 2010

I am off to your side of the pond on Tuesday. I will have just over three blissful weeks with my family in very sunny Florida. I hope to catch up with Kathy while I am there - if only for a coffee and a chat, or if we are really lucky perhaps lunch at the Tampa Mall, or perhaps some other haunt of Kathy's choice.

My lovely daughter in law, Alyce, informs me that we are also going to Long Boat Key at Sarasota, I love it there. Very southern and those luscious beaches and those cute shops. I am sure a visit to the elegant St Armand's Circle will be on the agenda too.

I hope I have lots of time to chat with Dan, if he is not travelling too much, and hang out with Maddie and Hayden and Spencer, my three great grandkids.

All that and a book out too - life is quite busy at the moment. I will find the time to stop in here and say hello, and might even get a chance to do a little book promotion. It should be hectic, but as always when I am Stateside, I always have the happiest of times.

Hope to catch up with friends there too - say hi to Charlotte and Mimi and Julie - life can be good, it has been good to me, even in my sadness I have so many joyous times to look back on. My life is infinitely better than Alfled's turns out to be - she has to adopt the guise of her dead twin brother just to survive the onslaught of the Norman Conquest. Phew, thank goodness I don't have those kinds of worries. All I have to worry about is what to take to is going to be hot, hot, hot...and if we are eating out cold, cold, cold...LOL, see what I mean? Decisions, decisions.


Kathleen said...

All good news! Congratulations!

Paula Martin said...

I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic time, Margaret - I'm quite envious LOL. Shall think of you in the glorious Florida sunshine while it's (probably) pouring with rain here!