Friday, May 28, 2010

A Kindness

I got the most wonderful surprise a few days ago. A writer I only slightly know was kind enough to send a cheery card. I was so surprised to see it in my mailbox! As I said, we have only the barest acquaintance, but she was so sweet that she sent me a card. It's one of those "have a nice day" cards, with a little bird on the cover and a short verse inside. I stood in the post office parking lot with tears in my eyes. How wonderful to receive an unexpected gift like that!

Sometimes the small gestures in life make such an impact. I'm going to pass the kindness on. I've got a good friend who's going through a rough patch now. I'm going to send her a little card today, and hope she feels as well hugged as I did!

Hope your day is filled with warmth and unexpected kindesses! Have a nice weekend.


margaret blake said...

What a thoughtful thing to do, Kathy.

Kathleen said...

No, not me. This is Sarita's blog but I'm sending her a hug now.

margaret blake said...

sorry - Hi SARITA - XXX