Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrating the Day

We have lovely weather - if only it wasn't so cold. Yesterday while out in the countryside I saw all the trees blooming, everything was fresh and green, the little lambs skipping and playing, it was a rural scene that must have been there hundreds of years ago. Passing by an "Elizabethan" built school goes along to confirm that.

Spring - new beginnings, fresh starts - that's what I always think. It makes me feel good to see everything blossoming. My mind has blossomed too. Timidly on Tuesday, I went to look at a novel I had started last year. Circumstances had made me leave it there and the idea of looking at it, all love and joy and conflict, made me feel physically sick. "Get over it girl," I told myself on Tuesday. In I went, there it was, I started to read...not too bad, needs some tweaking here and there but when I
reached the end of what was there, my fingers went to the keys...yes, I started to write. Not much that first day but there it was, new beginnings. Today my head is full of ideas. Is this my Spring? I do hope so.



Kathleen said...

So happy to hear you are writing and good you have some spring weather. It's hot, hot, hot here in Florida.

Paula Martin said...

Delighted that your muse has returned and that you're writing again! And your good news from the doctor today has put an extra 'spring' in your step LOL

Tory Richards said...

It's just not fair, is it Kathy? We seem to go straight from winter to summer!

Margaret, sounds like you live in a dream of a place. I can see where you get your inspiration.