Thursday, February 5, 2009

Whether the Weather

Sarita has told us of her terrible winter, and I know how cold and fierce winter's can be in the eastern states. Ah, the times I walked to the station in New Rochelle, certain that the train would come and I would get into Manhattan with a modicum of fuss.

Well here in jolly old England we have had snow. Well you would think it the end of the world - schools closed, buses in London cancelled, trains delayed, chaos at the airport. We just don't do weather, I wish I knew why. My husband said this morning, "if it rains too hard, if there are too many leaves in autumn, everything gets messed up." And it's true, heatwaves, ferocious rain...snow, and something happens.

I can't understand it. Okay, it's the worst snow fall in l8 years, but come on, all the modern technology we have should make it easier. I remember bad snow when I was a kid, our school never shut. We kids got there...oh forgot, we walked! We didn't have cars to ferry us around. There used to be thick fogs when you could not see your hand in front of your face. My Dad walked to work, all of ten miles. There was a bad winter in l963, the buses ran and I did not miss a day off work.

So, the question is, does all this technhology make us soft? Have we forgotten what legs are for? I really despair.

And snow in my town? We haven't had any, but then we seldom do because we are on the coast...something wrong with that statement because they had snow in Brighton! And five years ago we did have snow here, but that is a rare event. Our snug superior little town would not fold up anyway - people walk here. We know we have legs, we have stores in walking distance. We have streets for people and above many of us are of that generation that know how to make do and mend.


Debbie Wallace said...

Great post! I think we are pampered and spoiled, and don't forget lazy, thanks to modern conveniences. And it's only getting worse.

Kathleen said...

You ladies are so right.