Friday, February 6, 2009


Time moves swiftly, doesn't it? We watch those around us age, and think Wow, look at that! She's really aging quickly, isn't she?

But then a look in the mirror confirms what we already know in our heart. We, too, are growing older. Seems fairly basic but, honestly, every once in a while the realization that I'm not a twenty-something, carefree young woman any longer smacks me in the head like a hot, sweaty palm. It' s a good thing I've got all that gray hair to cushion the blow!

What makes me think of birthdays, sagging bottoms and gray hair this Friday morning? One of my closest friends is having a birthday today. We've known each other for many years...sometimes it's hard to believe we've been friends for so long. Where have the years gone?

What about you? Do you feel this way when the birthday candles are lit? Or are you one of those wonderful women who take birthdays in stride?

Happy birthday, Lynda!


Debbie Wallace said...

I do take birthdays in stride because age is only a number. It's how you look at life and live your life that keeps you young.

It's great having friends for many years, isn't it? They're comfortable.

margaret blake said...

Age shall not wither her!

That's my mantra.

Kathleen said...

I just celebrated a milestone birthday and did ponder that every birthday has it gains and losses.