Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hi, Rumour has it that I am a pussy cat, forget it! When I am out in the jungle, believe me no mousie is safe! Just 'cos I like a little bit of luxury, that I enjoy some human running their fingers through my fur, and tickling my ears, makes me no pussy cat, trust me.

You see you folks don't realise that we cats, unlike those other four legged critters, are descended from royalty. Did you know that in ancient Egypt we were treated like gods? What happened here, someone forget what we are?

An example of forgetting it is my owner. She thinks she is so smart, (and pernickity? tell me about it!). She has this really nice chair, you can see me posing there in the picture. It is SO comfortable, and right close to the radiator, I mean come on England and Egypt, HELLO it's pretty warm in the latter! Well, what she does, this owner of mine, is cover it with a rug, that's just at night. I can lie on the chair only when her highness has gone to bed. Come morning off comes the cover and I am not allowed to get on that chair without the tartan rug over it. Get her ladyship - if you think I look cross that is because she just woke me up. Now I have to get down to what she calls the "cat shelf" the floor to you! Or go in my igloo? Jeez, does she imagine I'm an Eskimo. Egypt, Cleopatra, you know...not a piece of ice in sight. Ah well, it isnt that bad I was worse in the animal lock up, I suppose I'm lucky she took me from there but some of the times...well I could really mew!



Sarita Leone said...

Oh my goodness, Eddie you are so cute! And I love it that you and Margaret share that lovely chair. Looks comfy!

So glad you visited with us today. Give Margaret a big hug from me, won't you? And save some love for yourself. :)

Kathleen said...

What a cosy spot you have for sleeping, Eddie. I don't dare tell Spencer or he'll be jealous.