Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Affordable Luxury

What signifies luxury to you? For my mother it was a spray of Gucci cologne. These are hard times and people are cutting back (my family included) but that also means high-end items are on sale like never before.

My mom believed a little Gucci made it easier to cut back in other areas and get through the hard times. Since we are struggling through some unplanned medical bills, I decided to apply her philosophy and by myself a Vera Bradley purse. I went to their Internet site and spotted a fantastic sale on colors they are retiring and snagged myself a bag. Did I need it? No! Is it practical? No, again. It is distinctive and floral and matchs hardly anything I own. But I love looking at it in my closet and the feeling of affluence it gives me as I pare down the rest of my budget is priceless


margaret blake said...

I don't blame you, enjoy it, you deserve it.

A little treat is better than a doctor's prescription.

Sarita Leone said...

Good for you! And you've given me an idea, thanks. I could so use a small indulgence about now. :)

Kathleen said...

Thanks, ladies!