Sunday, May 15, 2011


Evidently Blogger had issues on Friday so I was, like countless others, unable to post or comment. Very frustrating!

Just thought I'd pop in on this rainy Sunday morning to share this sweet bunch of grape hyacinths with you. How I wish you could catch a whiff! They were amazing!

I hope you have a peaceful Sunday. Me? I'm going to do some weeding. Yes, in the rain. The weeds just pull right out when the soil is wet. Besides, it's only water and, believe me, I'm not so sweet I'll melt!

Thanks for stopping by!


margaret blake said...

I love these, I had them in my garden but never new what they were called. I think they are special little flowers and hope that more come up next year.
Yep, blogger pulled a sicky, started on Thursday!

Kathleen said...