Friday, May 20, 2011

Sailing Away

Says a lot, doesn't it? And believe me, these boots have gotten a workout this past month. By this afternoon they'll be sloshing through the yard again.

But yesterday...oh, yesterday...

Gorgeous. Sunny. Warm. A day to get outdoors and tramp around the property. A day to mow. To weed. To brush mow. A day so fabulous the only reason to come indoors was for bathroom breaks and quick fridge raids.

I don't know about you, but the lousy, wet weather has a rotten effect on my mood. Day after day of dark, dank, rainy hours. Blech! I know we can't have a rainbow without rain, but there's got to be a break somewhere.

Yesterday we got the break and I am so very grateful. I feel somewhat comforted by the blue sky and warm breezes. Hope comes on warm breezes, I think. And while today is forecast for afternoon rain, with more to come for the next six days, that glimmer of warmth and hope still lifts me up.

What about you? Does the weather bring you down? And, please, tell me how you manage to overcome the feeling. I'm in for another stretch of showers and storms and open to any suggestions for weathering the storm.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Dru said...

The weather does have an affect on my day. Sunny skies, feeling good. Gray skies, feeling gloomy.

Sarita said...

Oh Dru, you understand! I am climbing the walls here, feeling gloomy and as overcast as the sky. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Wet weather always makes me grumpy!

Sue W.

Kathleen said...

Hope the sun is shining today!!

margaret blake said...

I do agree about the weather, give me sunshine (it doesn't have to be warm) and I feel instantly cheered. Now today we have gales, it is dark, windy and wet. I feel miserable! It's chilly too, something else I hate.
I definitely suffer from SAD, being without sun makes me sad.
Love the wellies, Sarita.