Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life was going so Well!

Just when I thought life was almost perfect...

I finished my two outstanding novels. One a romantic suspense and the other a contemporary romance. Sent them off to the publisher, had them accepted. Already ideas were buzzing for another romance. As I said life was almost perfect...
Knowing I am prone to do silly things, tripping up a major thing I seem to be doing lately, I decided to have my bathroom re-jigged. A shower instead of a bath, you know the kind of thing.
The man came to start, I had forgotten the problems with going to the "comfort station!" Not being in the USA I have only the one. Got around that problem, I have great neighbours, phew that was a relief, in more ways than one. I hadn't realised how much I would actually miss my shower as well. Hadn't even considered the dust and muck (I wonder how much someone would charge to come clean my house after the plumber has gone?). But again a friend came up trumps offering me her shower whenever I want.
Ah well, as my mother would say, these things are sent to try us. I am getting there right, er wrong. Remember what I said about "tripping? and I don't mean tripping the light fantastic I mean tripping up and falling. Bang, down I went like a ton of spuds. Over on my ankle, which immediately came up like it was being inflated by a bike pump. The next day - ugh - forget it, ugly and painful. My friend's husband kindly took me to the hospital for an x-ray. The biggest fear was of course that just the day before I had booked my flight to the USA. Broken ankle, no way, and I hadn't even time to take out insurance.
I confess I could have cried (perhaps that really was me sniffling). The nurse said she thought it broken. How could this keep happening to me. I felt sorry for myself, don't mind admitting that.
But no, again as my Mother would have said, "God is good" just a painful, horrid sprain.
I can't think of tap dancing around my kitchen yet, or going for a long, lonesome walk at the beach, but I do know that, accidents, calamities, house falling down, me falling down again, I shall be taking the big bird to sunny Florida. I will be sitting at my computer till then working on my story and one day sooner than I hope, will be taking a long, hot shower in my super new bathroom, the decor of which will be so perfect, I think I will take up residence!
Thanks for listening!


Kathleen said...

Hope that ankle heals quickly!!!

margaret blake said...

I hope so too. It has gone down quite a lot but is a horrid black, ugh. (Bruising).

Sarita said...

Oh Margaret! I am so sorry to hear about your fall but very, very grateful that you didn't break anything. I hope you're treating yourself well, eating chocolates, drinking tea and reading good books while you heal. Please, take good care.

It's great that you're putting in a shower so you can just walk in. That stepping over the tub can be so dangerous.

Sending huge hugs your way!