Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Certain Slant of Light

A few months ago the winter sun cast this golden glow in my kitchen. I tried to capture the light with my new digital camera, but as you can see my efforts fell flat.

The whole experience reminded me of writing. There is the perfect novel in your mind and then there is the novel you actually write. The trick is rewriting and rewriting until you know the story is the best that it can be, but also accepting that it can't be perfect. I know a perfectionist who has been working on the same book for 23 years and I've read some big name writers (really big) who slap books out prematurely (they needed more work). The rest of us have to find that middle road.


margaret blake said...

What a delightful picture, and your comments are so perfect.

Sarita said...

A beautiful photo, thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love your comments on writing. They speak to my heart, Kathy.

What a lovely way to begin my day!

hopeless.romantic said...

your kitchen looks beautiful! 23yrs on a book is too long but maybe better than a premature effort.