Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Shopping

I like to shop. I come from a family of shoppers. My mother and I used to make a day of it with the highpoint being lunch at Burdines Department Stores. We didn't buy a lot -- often all we got was lunch. But it was the hunt that thrilled us. My mother always looked for fabulous shoes on sale. Since she had extremely narrow feet in a size that was hard to find, she was rarely successful but that never deterred us.

My sisters and I have carried on the family tradition. My two sisters live near each other and frequent the Bon Ton or Chistopher & Bank and shop the sales. It's harder for me because I don't live near any big stores so I sometimes shop the local thrift stores. Last week I went to a new one called Second Hand Rose with a couple friends. It was arranged like a high-end boutique and every thing you bought benefited a local charity. I got a beautiful designer summer sweater for six dollars and, of course, afterwards we went to lunch.

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margaret blake said...

That sounds like my kinda shop - I would rather root about in a Charity Shop than a posh shop anyday. It's from where I got my classy outfits!