Monday, July 13, 2009

Spoiled Felines...What?

I used to scoff at animal lovers who pampered their pets and treated them like a valued family member. Well...they are valued family members. I mean, some of them can live close to twenty human years. Like cats. So, wouldn't it behoove you to give them the best possible life you can? They love us unconditionally. They greet us when we come home. They keep us company. Some warn us when trouble is coming.

All that said, yes, I've joined the ranks of spoiling my three little furry friends. I went out this past weekend and purchased one of those drinking fountains for them. It has a filter and the water is constantly running so it stays clean and cool. Kind of like having a running faucet on all the time, and they love it!

And I enjoyed watching them check it out with cat curiosity:)


margaret blake said...

That fountain sounds such fun. My Eddie will sooner drink from the bird bath in the garden than his water bowl. My daughter in law's cat jumps in the sink and you have to turn on the fawcet for him to drink, He does not mind getting his tootsies wet. Unusual.

Felines are marvellous creatures, independant but loveable too.

Kathleen said...

We sure love our pets. It's not just the uncondional love -- they make us laugh.