Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Review!

OMG...I just received a new review for "IT'S ALL IN THE JEANS" and it's fantastic! Below is a snippet but you can read the whole thing at: Seriously Reviewed. I think she liked it:)

So, let me start by saying I laughed my rear off, got lots of warm fussies, and could NOT put this book down until it was done! A totally funny, sexy story that will sizzle and smolder until you don't think you can take anymore.....but then can :)

This was the first book I ever read by Ms Richards and am pleased to say it was not the last. I have since picked up a copy of The Cowboy Way. I won't spoil but rest assured I have a review for it waiting in the wings;)

Definitely will make a wonderful addition to your library. You don't want to miss this one :)
Posted by romancereader at 8:26 PM


margaret blake said...

Congratulations on a great review, Debbie.

Kathleen said...

Very nice review! Bravo!

Tory Richards said...

Thanks ladies:)