Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eden's Child

I am still suffering from the inconvenience of a broken wrist so no proper blog today. However I thought I would revisit one of my older novels, published by Whiskey Creek Press, Eden's Child, which was a number 1 best seller.

I hope you enjoy the extract and if you are further inspired, check out the reviews on my website

They reached the creek and the bridge, and rested for a moment. The lights of Mandorah in the distance seemed an intrusion. Then there was a sudden stillness as if the earth held its breath. The frogs and crickets were momentarily silenced. Words came to her:

In such a night as this, when the sweet wind did gently kiss, And did they make no noise in such a night the trees.*

The words made her mad and reckless, pulsing the blood through her veins, like a river in flood. There was a demanding fluttering at her stomach, an ache throbbing at her very core. She reached out and her fingers tumbled down the soft suede of Nevis’ jacket till they found his hand. They looped through his rigid fingers until the full heat of her hand melted his own into movement. They stood, fastened together, linked in innocent intimacy.

He began to let his hand make love to hers, rubbing and pushing and probing her wrist, teasing her palm. He was practically breathless from the sensuality of such a touch, had to close her eyes and all the while her mind spilled out hot images of how that hand would feel if it probed and stroked her flesh elsewhere.

He’ll have to kiss me – he can’t touch me like this and not want to.

Her knees almost bucked at the thought of his mouth on hers – and then, at the same time the world began to breathe once more, the frogs croaking high and horribly, he let her hand go.

“Let’s get back,” he said, brutally in control. “It’s late.”

* Shakespeare – The Merchant of Venice

Cheers and as always HAPPY READING!


Kathleen said...

Very nice excerpt! So hard to pick my favorite Margaret Blake book.

Margaret Tanner said...

Lovely excerpt Margaret, sorry to hear about your wrist. Hope it heals up soon.

susan said...

Sure hope your wrist gets better soon, it's no fun being tied up. I love the excerpt. It would be a great book for my reader's group to talk about. susan L.

margaret blake said...

Thank you all for your comments.
It would be interesting, Susan to hear views from your group, if you do decide to read Eden's Child.

Kind regards,