Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Happening?

My lovely restful holiday in Scotland is long gone. I am ready for another now. I am up to my ears in edits. Have I said before I could never be an editor, I do not have that fine, critical eye for details. I can read an MS over and over and still not pick up errors. The trouble is I get carried away with the story. However, I have found another hat that suits. That is helping new writers make their MS better. Not the technical side, heaven forbid I would tell someone else about their grammar when mine is not that great! But I can tell a new writer how to pace and plot and make their novel more saleable.

I tried this in the summer and found I liked it very much. Also had very positive feedback from the new writers on my advice. I mean you have to bring skills to this too, this MS is someone's pride and joy and you don't want size 11's stomping all over it. Perhaps it is because I have been there and done that, but I do know it is working - so if you have a friend who needs help think of me. I am only an e mail away and I am told my rates are very reasonable.

There you go - my blog today has turned into a promo...

Back to the edits!



Kathleen said...

I've benefited from your advice, Margaret so think this is a terrific business for you.

Debbie Wallace said...

That's great that you can offer these kind of services to writers, and that you have the time to do it.