Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Baby!

Well, I did it! Went to the humane society after work last Wednesday. I went there with an agenda. I wanted an adult black cat, male and neutered. I was determined to adopt an adult because no one seems to want them, they all want kittens. So what did I do? I came home with a female kitten. But that's only because the four adult cats they had up for adoption didn't appeal to me.

Ebony, who I renamed Jezebel, is solid black with gold eyes and spayed so at least she's half of what I wanted. I couldn't help it! I fell in love with her. And she looked so pitiful all alone in her cage. She'd only been brought in a couple hours before I showed up and she was so scared. I just couldn't leave her. I couldn't!

I was lucky, too, because the woman who brought her in just happened to work at the place and she was able to give me Jezebel's whole history. She got all teary eyed when I told her I wanted the little black kitten and I assured her she was going to a good home.

Here's a couple pictures of her. She has a very sweet disposition. She purrs all the time! I'm keeping her in the spare bathroom during the days when I'm at work. She and Woofy have already bonded but Gin Gin is still unsure of her. I want to take precautions until I know everyone is happy.

It's funny but I held her for about an hour Wednesday night after we got home and they were all very curious of each other. However, Jezebel looked so comical hissing and showing her tiny teeth at Woofy. All he wanted to do was play.


Sarita Leone said...

She is beautiful! Such expressive eyes. How wonderful that you adopted a new baby. Congratulations, Debbie! :)

margaret blake said...

I could sob my heart out, that lovely kitty looks just like my darling Foggie. Foggie was a male but that little black cat has such a look of him.


Kathleen said...

What a lucky kitty to find such a great home.

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks everyone! Right now Jezebel is laying across me, purring up a storm. She's such a happy little kitty.