Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had a lovely time in Scotland. We actually had snow - snow in October? Generally unheard of, but it was beautiful. Fortunately it did not linger in town but was there on the hills, it was beautiful snow too, so white and crisp and sparkling in the sun.

Hope you enjoy seeing these photos. The photo of the River Tay is at Birnham, those lovers of Shakespeare will recall how Birnham wood features in Macbeth.



Sarita Leone said...

Gorgeous photos, Margaret. It looks and sounds like you had a lovely trip.


One of these days I'd love to be a tagalong on one of your excursions. You do seem to find the most beautiful places. :)

Sarita Leone said...

And thank you for sharing your trip with us, Margaret. I'd hoped you would! :)

margaret blake said...

Yes, Sarita, you and Vito will have to come to the UK one of these days.

Kind regards, Margaret.

Debbie Wallace said...

Beautiful and inspiring pictures!