Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dad's Here for the Holidays!

Never, never, never go pick someone up at the airport without calling first to make sure their flight is arriving on time. You'd think I know better. Hubby always gives me all the pertinent information and I call before I leave the house. Did I call before leaving to pick up my dad on Friday? Nooooo! I just took off, stopping to gas up, get a little cash at the bank, and a sweet ice tea at McDonald's before heading for the toll road.

I have no one to blame for what happened after that. Dad's flight was supposed to come in at 3:20 so I timed it just right, giving him a good half hour to get to his luggage and meet me at the curb. So...from 3:45 to almost 5:00 I drove circles around the darn airport! His flight ended up being delayed in Atlanta because of the weather.

By my 14th trip past the Delta arrival area I was so numb that when he finally made it to the curb I drove right past him. He literally ran out to the car to stop me. I would have parked but have you ever been to the airport? It's a maze of roads and signs and traffic is going so fast you can't read and maneuver your car in time to make any changes.

Then I felt bad for dad because I could see his day had taken a toll on him. His short flight from North Carolina turned into an all day affair. He said they were forced to sit in the airplane in Atlanta for an hour and a half because of the storms. They weren't allowed to get off because they were already on the run way. Bad news for a chain smoker. He hadn't eaten all day either.

He's here now though and making himself right at home. My sci-fi Saturday turned into gardening crap, home makeover shows and football:) But I survived! It's nice having him here.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


Kathleen said...

Have a great visit with your Dad!

Debbie Wallace said...


margaret blake said...

The poor guy. I imagine he was sick as a chip but happy to be with you, Debbie, and I bet he can't wait to get his hands on his great grandchild.


Debbie Wallace said...

You're so right, Margaret:)

Sarita Leone said...

What wonderful news, Debbie. I love it that your dad is with you. Have a great visit! :)

Debbie Wallace said...

Thanks Sarita:)So far so good.