Friday, September 5, 2008


Here on the farm there are a lot of things to remind me that when I write I should include details. Yes, details. A simple thing, right? But is it, really?

How many times have you read "the sky was blue"?

Is a sky ever really just blue?

What about those lovely slashes of white?

Is a leaf ever only green?

Oh, sure, sometimes...

but doesn't a splotch bring the leaf to life?


not just a sunflower, here.

The purple coneflower is pretty on its own.
But with a little butterfly perched atop?

And this...
now, is it a Swallowtail on a mallow?
Or a mallow embellished by a Swallowtail?
A hard call, no?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Susan said...

Your details always embellish your words. Now I see where they come from. Love the pictures too!

Have a nice weekend!!

Sarita Leone said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susan!

I hope you have a lovely weekend too. :)

margaret blake said...

Fantastic photographs - very professional, they should be in a nature magazine.


Debbie Wallace said...

Good point, Sarita. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos!


Kathleen said...

Beautiful photos!