Friday, September 26, 2008

Cave dwelling

Whew, the week's really flown by! I feel like I've been dwelling in a cave--in the deep, dark, solitary corner--and am just peeking my head out for a well-needed, albeit short, visit with friends. I'm sure you've had weeks like that, when you've been engrossed and working hard on something? Honestly, I've come out a few times to make it to appointments but otherwise, I've been in the cave.

You know, the's pretty cozy. Writers all go to the cave from time to time so I think we're comfortable there. We create the world inside the space, make the characters think, feel, speak. Yes, the cave is a friendly place indeed.

Between writing bursts I've had time to begin buttoning up around here. We're readying for winter, getting wood stacked and tanks topped. Putting away yard tools and testing snowblowers and generators. Life's been busy. And good.

How about you? What have you been up to this past week? I'm curious!

Hope you have a lovely weekend. As for me, I am headed back to the writing cave... ;-)


margaret blake said...

Ah yes, I love getting into the cave, I have one leg in and one leg out at the moment -


PS You always make your life snug and comfortable - I really want to climb into your cave.

Susan said...

Stay in the cave! LOL, I love it when you emerge with a new book! Don't come out until you're finished, ok?

Don't I sound like somebody's mother?

Kathleen said...

Cocooning is the best way to protect a new book. So keep up the good work!