Friday, January 25, 2008

Hidden benefits

I have a morning ritual. I take care of the daily business side of writing (blogging, answering emails, chatting on loops) with a cup of coffee on my desk and the television beside me tuned to the news. I keep the volume low so it's just background noise, something to make the predawn hours a little less lonely. I hardly even listen to the newscast while I work.

Still, there are snippets that reach me. Disjointed words and phrases. This morning's news focus? The economy. I hear snatches from the to help incentive...benefits... Benefits seem to be this morning's biggie.

The headlines remind me of one of the hidden benefits of writing. Outwardly, being a published author has lots of them. I think they vary from person to person and depend on what a particular writer holds dearest. For some the benefits of writing include recognition, satisfaction from seeing thoughts go from mind to paper, increased income and loads of others besides. All the ones I've mentioned I find personally satisfying but one of the biggest, best benefits I've found as a result of my writing career is a hidden one.

Writing is such a solitary occupation that I never expected to meet so many wonderful, interesting, supportive, knowledgeable people. For me, that has been one of the most important benefits of this career.

I love the people aspect of writing! Just love it! I've met readers, editors, publishers, fellow writers--so many people who enrich my life in countless ways. As a result of writing I've met those who have inspired and taught me, shared their thoughts, words and feelings, supported me and expanded my horizons. My life has been richer by far since I've stepped into the writing world. A lot of the credit for that goes to the surprising, "hidden" benefit...people.


margaret blake said...

So true, Sarita, one of the "hidden" benefits of writing is getting to know other writers, who more often than not are very supportive. Moreso than a lot of non-writing friends, actually.

Kind regards,

Debbie Wallace said...

What a beautiful, inspiring blog! Writing has always been a very personal, private thing to me until I became published. I always looked at it as therapy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased for you. You're doing a bang up job, its no wonder you're making good friends.


Kathleen said...

What a nice blog. The writing life is rich in friendship.

jennifer w. said...

what a sweet post!

Jennifer W.