Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day Two

I just hefted the tree out to the curb, leaving a trail of needles behind me. Though I enjoyed having a Christmas tree, my dining room now feels more spacious without it. Slowly I'm reclaiming my house and putting seasonal decorations away.

Also I'm hoping to reclaim my writing time. And just to make sure that happens, yesterday I pulled out a much-loved book of meditations called Simple Abundance. Sarah Ban Breathnach's pretty pink book doesn't look revolutionary but it is. The book is organized as a walk through the year, beginning on New Year's Day and it gets you to focus on and nurture someone very important -- yourself. If last year left you feeling a little ragged and exhausted (it did me), I'd recommend this book because through its gentle lessons of comfort and joy, it gets you back on track to leading an authentic life.

I've only read two days of meditations but already I've become more deliberate. My novel, I've decided, will be finished on my time frame and it will only be submitted when I'm completely happy with it. Today I'm not rushing through my chores either. After a month of marathoning I'm slowing down. We've all just been given a gift of a brand new year so there is time -- lots of time to do it our way. Hope you have a truly wonderful and fufilling year.


margaret blake said...

Now who is that taking down Christmas trees and cards? Ever heard of 12th Night?????

I must confess, as l2th night falls on Monday this year, I shall have to take down ours on Saturday (my cleaning day) otherwise I faithfully observe the tradition.

Yes, ladies, it does drive me mad. However, I have also found a place to re-cycle my Christmas cards, which is marvellous as we have so many. Having lived in different places, we have friends scattered all over the place.


Sarita Leone said...

Ah, I'm following your lead, Kathy. Today is the day the tree and decorations leave the building. The trek to the storage area in the barn with the decorations will be a chilly one but I'm ready for them to go. :)

I love this post, for a number of reasons, but mostly because it is calming. It reminds me that I have a perfectly lovely little book of Native American devotions, with short stories for each day, that I love. I'll get that out today. Too, I am taking my time on my current writing project. Honestly, I haven't even begun the next novel. Instead, I'm easing into it (unusual for me. I'm one of those dive-in-fast-and-swim-like-crazy people!) and it feels good. I hope to be as determined as you are, Kathy, to slow down with the writing and wait to submit until it's exactly as I want it.

Your post has underscored a lot of what has been going through my mind recently. Thank you. :)

Sarita Leone said...

I don't think I'm patient enough to ever wait until the 12th, Margaret! Oh! Not unless we put the tree up on Christmas Eve--then I might make it to the middle of January. Maybe. ;-)

margaret blake said...

Twelfth Night is on the 6th January, Christmas doesn't start until Christmas Eve, the weeks before at Advent. "Waiting."

Twelfth Night was supposed to be a magical time, when anything could happen! Think Shakespeare's play.

In Eastern Christianity that day is really special. I remember when we were in Cyprus, all the boards on the pier and paths leading to it were scattered with evergreen The young
boys dived from the pier into the sea. A very, very special holy day.
I think it was the day the Three Wise men reached baby Jesus.Everyone went out to eat that night, there were more people celebrating than htere had been on Christmas Eve/Day...


Kathleen said...

Live Christmas trees don't do well in Florida so mine struggled to make New Years. But brr is it ever cold here tonight (20 degrees) so I've just brought the poinsettas inside. Hope your poinsetta is thriving Sarita and the trek outside wasn't too freezing. Your Native-American meditations sound like a wonderful, centering ritual.
Margaret, I didn't know about Epiphany being Twelfth Night but now that I do will eagerly await the magic