Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why do you write about Florida? That's what someone asked me the other day. They went on to say that I didn't live there so therefore could not know that much about it. Why do you write about anywhere, they could ask that too, couldn't they? Write about what you know, that's the mantra. But what does it mean?

It doesn't mean you can't write about somewhere you have never lived, what it does mean is make sure you know about the place. I don't confess to knowing all about Florida, but I know quite a lot about the area I visit. (Gulf coast for interested observers).

I've been there every season, spring, summer, fall and winter, so there! That's good because I know it can be cold first thing on a crisp, Christmas morning but it can heat up later in the day. Not to the soaring temperatures of mid-summer but certainly a lot more pleasant than England in darkest December. I know the food available as well as the restaurants. The flora and fauna my daughter in law taught me all about. And, if that is not enough, well I just love it and I like to think that comes through in my writing.
So, Missy, with your question, spoken I might add in a rather bossy tone, that's why I write about Florida. I just love Florida. But of course I was a lot more polite than that, or was I? Oops have I lost a reader?


Sarita said...

Margaret, I just went to the Whiskey Creek Press page and read the first bit of your book. I'm hooked! It sounds wonderfully intriguing!

I hope you are well across the pond. I'm sending good writing thoughts your way, my friend.

By the way, I love the cover of this book. It is gorgeous.

Beth Elliott said...

Well said, Margaret. We don't live in historical times either, but with sufficient interest we can know a great deal about them. bram Stoker never went to Transylvania but his description of the region is very accurate [he used a guide book]. It's the author's gift to add that creative part to the basic fact. I bet your bossy miss couldn't do that.
And the cover of your book is gorgeous, very tempting.

margaret said...

looks an interesting read hope can get a copy

margaret blake said...

Thanks all - yes the cover is gorgeous, perfect for the turmoil in the story.

Copies are available, Margaret, at or In print and e book.