Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eden's Child

Last week I was writing about my Florida novels. This week it's the turn of Australia.

Eden's Child is set in Queensland but you also get a chance to visit the South of France. These are two of my favourite places. Writing can be such fun, you can sit in your study and imagine you are there! Wonderful.

I still like Eden's Child, I remember being so excited because I had been inspired to write about one of my favourite countries. I also like Maddie, my heroine, and let's face it Nevis, my hero, is to die for!

Maddie has lost her memory, she was attacked in London. When her identity is discovered, she finds she is married to a man who loathes her. She just can't reconcile being the selfish, spiteful girl she was. Who is this loathsome girl? Why was she so horrid to her husband, Nevis, when all the time she was in love with him? Who is at fault?

Happy reading!

Eden's Child,

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