Thursday, April 14, 2011

His Other Wife

It's amazing how things come around. A friend e-mailed to tell me that my novel His Other Wife, published in 2008, had snook into my publishers best seller list for April. I have no idea why, unless some wonderful people saw it at one of my talks and decided to purchase. Whatever happened, I am grateful and pleased. How wonderful.

I confess to actually liking this book myself. There is something about Saul that really turns me on! He has everything!

I am including a short extract - why not. Someone other than me likes this book, time to celebrate.

Extract from His Other Wife

Saul parked outside the house. It was a single storey home, detached with a small driveway. Neither small nor big but fairly average. The street had about ten houses of a similar size and structure but in the way of houses in New Zealand they were all slightly different.
The short driveway needed some attention. There was a mail box at the entrance, it was slightly askew but the name had long since become obscured. He went up the drive, then realised that there were two houses on the same plot, one behind the other. There was no number on either but the front lot had a small porch. A large Maori man was sitting in a rocker staring at Saul with more curiosity than suspicion. In the still quiet air he heard a hammer being taken to something, the resounding clang was followed by a mild curse. He decided to follow that sound rather than make enquiries from the man on the porch.
A battered looking car was on the drive; the drive was in a similar state of disrepair as the neighbouring one. A pair of feet in the grubbiest trainers he had ever seen were sticking out from underneath the vehicle. A voice—female he thought—said. “Got you!” He turned around and then realised it came from under the vehicle and was obviously being addressed to something mechanical rather than physical.
“Hello,” Saul said. There was a moments silence and then amid groans and scuffles, the dirty trainers pushed against the gravel, legs began to be revealed, along with a torso clad in grubby men’s blue overalls. The head when it emerged was topped by a baseball cap, the peak pulled low over the face so that the features were hard to make out.
“Yes?” It was a female voice. She quickly scrambled to her feet, her oil stained hand clutching a monkey wrench.
“I’m looking for Roxanne Rawson.”
There was a moments silence and then. “Oh yes? And who can I say wants her?”
“Well I think I would rather tell her that,” Saul answered smoothly.
“Sorry no can do. Roxie never sees anyone without she knows who exactly is doing the calling,” the accent was English. Security was his business; he was very good on accent and nuance.
“I’m not a debt collector.”
“Well we don’t have debt,” the girl said. She appeared to be a girl rather than a woman. “So there wouldn’t be anything to collect. Do I know you?” she asked. “You seem familiar.”
“I don’t think we’ve ever met, but of course I can’t be sure, seeing as I don’t know who I’m speaking to.”
Her mouth opened almost as if she would say something but then she pulled back, she smiled, a knowing smile.
“Nice one,” she said. She lifted her hand; there was a thin strapped watch on her wrist “Look I have to go somewhere…”
“I really need to see Miss Rawson. I have some important news, it might even be good news, well some of it…” His eyes travelled the house; there was a distinct lack of paint and repair. Ten thousand pounds would come in handy. The exchange rate would mean a comfortable sum of money for her.


His Other Wife

Roxie does not want Saul to discover her secret past. She knows she should have nothing to do with him but she cannot stop herself from being attracted to him. There is Josh to consider too…he needs a strong man in his life and Saul Hetherington is that kind of man. Perhaps her secret will never be revealed…if she is very careful.

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Kathleen said...

Terrific excerpt from one of my favorite books.

Sarita said...

I loved this book, Margaret. Just the right amount of everything in it, and it kept me turning the pages well into the night. Thanks for reminding me of this favorite. I just might pull it off the bookshelf, take it outdoors with a cup of tea and lose myself for the afternoon!

margaret blake said...

Thank you, Sarita and Kathleen.

jrlindermuth said...

Way to go.