Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eden's Child

I thought I would re-visit Eden's Child, which was a No. 1 best seller at Whiskey Creek Press.

This book was inspired by a back-packing trip that I took around Australia.

I always have had a thing for Australia, from being a little girl I wanted to go there. I read countless books about the country/Continent, and was enraptured. In fact whenever anyone wanted to know anything about Australia, friends would refer them to me. "She knows all about it," they would say.

Going there was a big thing. I hadn't flown for years and had developed a fear of flying but not being a multi-millionaire, I couldn't take the boat. Also I was going on my own, so that only added to my fear.

By the time I had boarded the plane from Singapore, having changed planes twice already, my fear of flying had disappeared. Flying around Australia also helped to show me I had nothing to be afraid about.

And the country of my dreams? Well it lived up to my expectations. It was everything I had thought about and dreamed about. I adored it. If I were younger I think I would go for it and live there but unfortunately I am too old now. Life works out in strange ways but you know what, Australia gave me the will to write again. I do believe that Eden's Child really shows my love for the country and its people. I hope you agree.

"Maddy has lost her memory, the more she finds out about herself the more she loathes herself. Her husband Nevis, handsome and wealthy, lets her know in no uncertain terms that he hates her - she can't blame him, yet she can't stem the feelings she as for him.
How could she have been so despicable to this man when all she longs for is to be in his arms.
Confused by who and what she she is, sometimes she thinks it would be better if she never remembered the past."

The novel is set in wonderful, magical North Queensland.

available from www. whiskeycreekpress and and lots of other outlets.


Kathleen said...

We are all so grateful to Australia for inspiring you to write. Eden's Child is a terrific book.

Sarita said...

Margaret, I love it that you're letting us in on the behind-the-scenes look at what inspired you to write Eden's Child. It's great that you lost your fear of flying, too.

I remember reading the Lucy Walker books when I was a teenager. I loved them, and dreamed of seeing Australia.

Lovely blog post! Makes me dream of visiting kangaroos and outback...

jrlindermuth said...

Nice post on how a book came to be.

margaret blake said...

Thank you all for stopping by.

Maria Sondule said...

I really like your blog, and from this post I admire you as a writer.

Eli Rush said...

This is amazing...

I love your blog, will be following.

You might like mine too, feel free to stop by:

margaret blake said...

Hi Eli and Maria, nice to meet you here.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Margaret,
Thank you for being so complimentary about Australia. I am probably biased but it is a great place to live.



margaret blake said...

And I mean it too, Margaret.