Thursday, January 21, 2010

You're never too old to Learn

This is something I have come to terms with only in the last couple of years. When you're young you do tend to be a bit "know it all" I know I did. I wish I had listened more when people gave me advice - especially older people. But kids will be kids, I suppose, and you just can't put old heads on young shoulders.

Now I ask, if I don't know anything I am not frightened to ask just about anybody.I read and take advice, I want to know how to do just about everything. I am just like that darned cat as curious as heck. You know I just want to fill my mind with knowledge. Perhaps that has to do with ageing. You want to fill your time with interesting facts and figures. After all you don't have that much time, LOL, well I don't!

Years ago I would never show anyone what I was writing. Not anymore, now I ask my friends "I'm a bit stuck here with this, what do you think?" And you know what the advice is always well valued.

One thing I learned last week from Kathy O Connor's interview at Heroes and Heroines, was how to chase away writer's block. One thing Kathy had had recommended to her was to write three pages, even if you really are stuck. You know I was stuck and I did just that and it worked. So there you go as I said "learning all the time!"

One thing though and would be grateful to know - how can we get rid of those annonymous "bozoes" who keep placing - and very rudely intruding on our time - their dull, boring unwanted advertising. Flaming cheek. Now I can I get rid of them???



jrlindermuth said...

There's a Pennsylvania Dutch saying, "We get too soon old and too late smart."

margaret blake said...

I love that, I think that must be a motto worth keeping.

Sarita Leone said...

You always write such insightful posts, Margaret. And I love Kathy's idea of writing three pages to get unstuck; I'm going to remember that one.

I'm with you. I ask questions and want to know as much as I can. Right now I'd love to find someone who knows how to knit socks, so I could learn. :)

Kathleen said...

Glad that tidbit was helpful. Have a great weekend.