Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...

Do you make ‘em? More to the point, have you made any for this new year?

I’m a big resolution maker. I usually make a few, and generally I keep them. Well, most of them. All right…so I never keep the resolution to cut my chocolate intake! The rest of them, though, usually are kept.

This year I haven’t made any big resolutions. Honestly, there’s a lot going on at our house right now, and it looks like it’s going to be a continuing situation so resolutions aren’t real high on my list this year. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a couple later on in the year.

I did make one, and it’s not a do-or-die pledge, so if I don’t keep it the world won’t end. At least, I hope it won’t! Pardon? Oh, what resolution did I make? I’ll tell you but you’ve got to promise not to laugh. Promise?

Socks. I want to learn to knit socks. See, I told you it wasn’t an earth-shattering declaration. The truth is, I’m a novice knitter. By that I mean that I can make basic stitches and am a whiz at knitting scarves. But really, how many scarves can anyone make? I’ve gotten to the point where scarves are like summer zucchinis…family, friends and neighbors see me coming and run because they’re pretty sure I’m carrying one or the other—and will try to foist it off on them!

But socks…now that’s something new, don’t you think? A definite step up from scarves, and with so many possibilities I’m sure to have fun. So there you have it, my New Year’s resolution: I want to learn to knit socks this winter. Hopefully, life will provide enough calm moments that I’ll have time to master the skill. If not…there’s always next year, right?

What about you? Make any resolutions you’re willing to share?

Have a nice weekend!


Kathleen said...

I like to read novels about knitting but that as far as it goes. All best wishes for the new year.

margaret blake said...

Do people write novels about knitting? Wouldn't they be better actually doing it. I can't knit by the way.

Mary said...

That is a fun resolution. I hope you figure out how to do it. I can't knit. :(

I resolved not to resolve this year!