Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm drinking coffee in my new, cool Phantom of the Opera mug. It has a mask on it that turns white when you're drinking something hot.

My daughter, niece and I went to see it Friday night. It was girls night out and we met early for dinner and the show. What a great evening it turned out to be. Just like old times! Affectionately called "The Golden Girls" by my son-in-law, (more like the three stooges) we always have a fun time together and I probably act closer to their age than they mine. So what! It keeps me young.

The talent in Phantom of the Opera was exceptional! Not sure if a musical play is for me, though. There were times when I couldn't make out what they were saying. The last play I went to, some 20 (could have been 30) plus years ago, was Camelot, with Richard Harris. I loved that play! There was some singing in it but there was also a lot of talking. Phantom of the Opera was all singing.

As for getting all dressed up. I saw women there in jeans! Granted, no one was wearing peddle pushers, but I could have worn jeans...if I had a pair:)


Kathleen said...

Sounds like a great evenning. Nice the three of you have such fun together.

Anonymous said...
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Tory Richards said...

We always do:)