Friday, January 8, 2010

Home Cooking

We have a friend who’s laid up with a new knee. That’s right, he’s had a knee replacement and is learning to get around on the improved limb.

This past year, when my husband was so ill, this friend brought numerous warm meals to our door. He was so wonderful to do so, and the gesture was greatly appreciated. I haven’t forgotten his kindness. Now, it’s my turn to take good care of him, the way he did for us.

It’s hard to try to figure out what might please someone else’s palate but I’m having fun cooking for him. I know he likes spicy foods, so eggplant parm, black bean soup and a spicy shrimp pasta dish that my husband loves are all on the menu. And vegetable soup, that’s a biggie around here so he’ll get that this weekend.

Desserts are always interesting. Our friend bakes a fabulous blueberry pie so I’ll stay away from pie but everyone loves cookies, don’t they? And banana bread. Oh, I could bake brownies—they’re good for mending knees, aren’t they? And…

Can you tell I’m having fun cooking for an extra table? I hate it that he’s going through this but I know it will be good for him in the long run. And in the meantime, I am enjoying showering him with the same kind of love he’s shown us.

Get well soon, Bill. We love you!

Happy Weekend, everyone!


margaret blake said...

Sarita, I long to be your neighbour, that food has my mouth watering!

Sue W. said...

I am not surprised you're taking good care of people. It seems to be one of your talents!

Happy Friday to you!

Kathleen said...

Sarita, Brownies are very good for the knees. Have fun in the kitchen.

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