Friday, October 2, 2009

Soggy In New York!

We've had a lot of rainy days lately. While I never really mind being kept indoors by the fireplace with my hubby, a pot of tea and a good book, I did do a little dance of joy yesterday afternoon when the sun peeked its smiling face out. Granted, the sun peered down on us for only about an hour or so, but it was a glorious interlude in the dreary day.

Always ready with my camera, I went outdoors and snapped a photo of the sky for you to see. Nothing elaborate or even rainbow-y (is that a word? No? Well, shouldn't it be one?) but I figure any day that's got even a small patch of blue sky in it is a good one!

I hope your weekend is filled with blue-sky days and starry nights. If it stops raining here, I've got plans to begin raking leaves. Again, nothing fancy but leaf raking is a calming sort of chore, with lots of time to ponder, so I enjoy it. What have you got planned for the weekend?

Happy Friday!


Dru said...

The one thing I love about clouds is that there is a story to tell if you continue to watch them float above you.

Have a good weekend.

Kathleen said...

Wishing you a sunny weekend!

margaret blake said...

We had lovely weather on Sunday, took friends for a brisk walk along our lovely sea front. The tide was in and as they live inland, they so enjoyed it.

Thanks for a delightful post, (as always) Sarita.