Monday, October 5, 2009

Computer Hackers

It's a crying shame that even when you stay at home these days to do your shopping and banking that you're not safe. We're told that when we go to the bank's ATM machine to make sure you're not alone, or not to go after dark. And if you have to, make sure it's well lit and on a heavily traveled street. Most of us are aware of the dangers and take the appropriate measures.

Nowadays a lot of us, especially the younger folks, do everything on line. And I mean everything. Within the last couple of years I've joined the club. It's fast, convenient, and you can monitor your accounts daily. I do most of my Christmas shopping online because I hate shopping. It's called going green. I've even opted to stop receiving paper bills. My daughter began doing it years ago, saying I needed to join the 2oth century. So I joined. Don't let it be said that I can't be taught something by a young in.

Two weeks ago my daughter and son-in-law's bank account was wiped out. The money wired to Mexico. While the bank investigates, they're left scrambling around to cover checks they've written out. Notifying billers what's going on. Closing old and opening new accounts. And they're told, they'll get their money back but it will take up to three months.

Everything was done online. I know things like this happen but it's the first time it's happened to someone in the family. What a mess for them but they're getting through it. I haven't dared mention it to my hubby, who's as old as dirt and convinced doing anything, especially banking online, isn't safe. I couldn't stand hearing him say, I told you so.


Kathleen said...

That had to be so frightening. Hope all works out for them.

margaret blake said...

Your hubby sounds a lot like mine, but you know sometimes they do make sense!

I hope things work out for them, I really do.