Thursday, October 8, 2009


Good Morning, it is a bright, sunny perfect autumn day. I hope you too have a wonderful day and that you will enjoy reading these blurbs.

Blurbs –

Fortune’s Folly

She had left him and made him look like a fool in his own society now back in his life, Helena was mature and sophisticated. For Helena this was the man she had once loved and then divorced…still he held an irresistible attraction for her, yet could she do anything about it when there was Diane?

Eden's Child

Maddy has lost her memory, the more she finds out about herself the more she loathes herself. Her husband Nevis, handsome and wealthy, lets her know in no uncertain terms that he hates her…she cannot blame him, yet she cannot stem the feelings she has for him. How could she have been so despicable to this man when all she longs for is to be in his arms?
Confused by who and what she is, sometimes she thinks it would be better if she never remembered the past.

Beloved Deceiver
“I have something to ask you, will you marry me?” His first thought was. “You’ve got to be joking,” and he thought she was. Only Flora was serious. She was practically being forced by her father to marry a man she detested. Thus begins a daring deception…the only trouble is Flora is a woman in love and Marsden Collingwood can have his pick of women who are more beautiful than her!”

Spanish Lies
Ginny has a terrible secret buried inside her; it has the potential to ruin her life. She loves her son, and is still attracted to the man who broke her heart, if she goes to Spain she knows she will be putting all she holds dear n harms way…yet she feels she has to take the chance.
He was a man of fierce passion and she was a woman who has a terrible secret!

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Kathleen said...

Good morning to you. Love the blurbs. Have read all these books and it's so hard to pick a favorite.

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Kathy. When I attached the notification to facebook I put the full stop on lark journals in the wrong place! Goodness this technology "does me head in" as one of my students used to say!