Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perfect Weather

You have perhaps heard that we have had a lousy summer - summer? What's summer? I have been hanging on just longing for October to arrive so I can go to Florida and enjoy some sun. We had four days booked in Scotland - Scotland? Well a beautiful country but not renowned for sunshine. Rubbish! Most time I've been to Scotland I've had good weather - apart from five days in Edinburgh when it rained every day - but enough of the past.

Well Scotland came up trumps, the sun burned down, every single day! The lochs and glens had never looked so lovely. Standing on a terrace overlooking Loch Awe I could even imagine I was at Lake Como in Italy. Warm and beautiful. So we had our sunshine but on top of that, glorious scenery to enjoy. I am posting a couple of pictures - just to prove what I am saying. Enjoy.


margaret blake said...

There you go, I put the same picture up twice!! But so beautiful does it matter?

Kathleen said...

It's gorgeous enough to enjoy seeing twice. So glad you had a good and sunny trip.