Thursday, August 20, 2009

Broken Bones

Well at last I had the plaster off. A bit scarey when the man came with the round saw like contraption, but made worth while when I got to see the very attractive
Spanish Doctor - oye!

Bones are funny things and being at the "Bone" clinic shows people in really terrible situations. Broken feet and legs but the very worst were two young motor cyclists. Both these lads had broken both their arms! My goodness, they would have to have someone do EVERYTHING for them and if they did not live with parents, or a spouse, they had better have a very good friend!! I mean think about it, let your imagination run riot.

I was lucky it was my left wrist, I could fend quite well for myself - but of course I could not wash dishes. My nails have never looked so good! The first thing John said he was giving up was washng the dishes. Typical man - six weeks of dish washing and the man is wacked! Oh yes, you lovely American people, you probably forgot the onerous task, having a dishwasher and all. Well my only dish washer was John and he has gone on strike!

But seriously, it is great to be able to drive the car. The wrist is painful but what is pain, it is mobile and that's all that matters. I am better off than the motor cyclists.

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Kathleen said...

I remember how stiff your arm feels after the cast comes off but it will get better. Must be wonderful to be driving again.