Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It doesn't take a lot to turn my week around. Today wasn't turning out well and then I found a box of chocolates in the freezer. They are shamrock shaped and have obviously been there since last March but that's okay. Chocolate is chocolate. As an added bonus I found some flavored coffee in there too. So I'm about to go make a cup to enjoy with my chocolate. Small comforts are sometimes what sustains us.

I have also been saved by a good book. Last December I sat in an emergency room reading the memoir, A Three-Dog Life, and the majesty of the writing pulled me through. I'm reading a special book now too -- called Loving Frank -- and it's about Frank Lloyd Wright and the woman who loves him and the scandal they both survive. So I've got chocolate, coffee, a good book and feel blessed. Wishing you all blessings too.

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margaret blake said...

Lovely - you never know when we are going to stumble on blessings.