Monday, August 31, 2009


I work in a small office, there's only five of us. Three of us have been together for years and are pretty close. Melanie commented to me the other day that an old friend of hers in another office has asked if she might consider relocating to their office. When she confided in me my first selfish response was, "you can't leave me! You and Rita are my book ends."

Maybe that's a strange comment to make but it's the truth. I sit in between Mel and Rita so they are my book ends. They keep me sane. Not too long ago I told them that one of the reasons I look forward to going into work every day was because of them. We've been through a lot of changes through the years, stressful times where we've all at one time or another wanted to walk out. And there's always one of us who reins the other two in and makes us see reason, and we manage to get through it to face another day.

I realized my selfishness almost immediately and told Mel to do what she needed to do, that I would understand. But then I went on to remind her how much we, at our ages, hate change.

I was just reminding her!


Kathleen said...

Wonderful to have such great people to work with. Loved the photo.

margaret blake said...

I love the bookends too. I know just how you feel, you get to hate change and when you have all been getting along so well, sharing joy and burdens, it's hard to let go.