Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eye Eye and more

Well it seems as if my eye op was successful. Apart from my looking like I went ten rounds with a prize fighter, it appears to be pretty good. I had to have a skin graft and they took the skin from my neck, so that left my neck with huge blue stitches in it. You can imagine the look, I mean having the appearance of Frankenstein's monster is a definite turn off. I knew for sure I was not going to get a date with George Clooney, but not wanting that (oh really?)it didn't matter. Anyway, feeling great is the mood I am in.

Better still, my feature at Romance Junkies is up - do pay a visit over there. I am at the cocktail hour.

There are pictures too - but none with me looking as I do at the moment, so rest easy, I am not into horror pics.



Kathleen said...

So glad you are mending and loved the article and pics at Romance Junkie's cocktail hour.

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Kathy.

Tory Richards said...

I like Romance Junkies and I'm thinking of signing on for a couple ads with them.

They did a great job with your coctail hour, Margaret, congrats:)

margaret blake said...

Well actually, I gave all the info and they set it up for me.