Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day Out

Yesterday I went walking in the Yorkshire Dales. For those of you wondering where that is, let me remind you of a programme very popular in the States - All Creatures Great and Small - I know it was popular because quite often I met Americans on holiday in the area. They were on the All Creatures Great and Small tour.

It was a lovely show, all about a Vet(animal doctor) working in the Dales. It was filmed there too, so if you watched it you would see how beautiful it was. Hills and fells, lots of limestone, beautiful valleys, green and lush.

We climbed fairly high and looking down onto the valley you would think you were looking at a picture, so perfect it was. Interesting as well as sheep, there were Jersey cows. I love Jerseys, they are a wonderful tan colour and have the most amazing gentle eyes. They produce milk that really is special.

We saw young foles and a tiny calf. It was just one of those perfect days. Of course the weather behaved badly. We had been warned. Dry in the morning, albeit cloudy, rain in the afternoon. We are our lunch gazing down over the valley and had just packed up to set off again, when it came in - slow and gentle and first, and then much heavier. Everyone was scrambling into their wet weather gear. This is when I never care what I look like, ok my yellow rain hat would have any designer throwing up their hands in horror, but you know what, it keeps me nice and dry.

We hit the village about 3.30, the cobble shiny with rain, the river rushing more swiftly than when we had set off. Of course we split into two groups - those who head for the pub and those that head for the tea shop. I am in the latter. My friend and I can't resist the cakes, or the delicious toasted tea cakes and a pot of tea. This is our treat before we stagger to the coach, tired but happy.

Yes, yesterday was perfect and I have another one on Saturday. This the Dalesway, walking in the Lakes, one of my favourite walks. I might even take some pictures, so watch this space!

Bye for now.


Tory Richards said...

Gosh, it sounds like you live in a wonderful place!

margaret blake said...

Actually, I don;t live there but about 45 miles away. Not far I know but a different world entirely. Although having said that, I love the town where I live too.

Kathleen said...

I loved that show with the kindly veterinarians and the scenic background.