Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. Tech Man

That's what my hubby is calling himself these days. He thinks after a crash course in computer lessons and a half hour of my time every evening that he's now an expert. LOL I laugh when watching him because he does the same stupid things I did when I was first learning. I've heard him swear several times, "I'm running out of the pad," as he runs the mouse over it.

He's so funny. He wants to know everything. He's not content to learn how to do it. He wants to understand how he can do it. Since a lot of it takes place in cybor space somewhere after you hit the send button, try and explain that! "Where does it go? How does it get there?" That's what's driving me crazy.

I can't tell you how many times he's cried, "Don't leave me!" When he's in the middle of learning something new and I make a small move that leads him to think I'm leaving. Half the problem is he's learning on an ancient computer, by today's standards. And he isn't exactly the most patient man in the world.

It's like teaching an old dog new tricks!


margaret blake said...

I do not envy you this task. I haven't the patience for it these days. I try to remember what a useless computer user I was, and I am still not the best.

Once your hubby masters the computer he will be really enjoying himself. It will open up a brave new world for him.

Kathleen said...

That's great he's taking this on. It does open all kinds of opportunities.