Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going to the Pictures

On Tuesday my husband surprised me by saying. "Would you like to go to the pictures this afternoon?" WHAT? Now believe me when I tell you, he has not been to the pictures for about twenty five years. How come he wanted to go now, of course he didn't know but felt it was something he would like to do.

I checked out what was on at the new cinema about three miles from where we live. I gave him the list and he selected "Young Victoria." The cinema is one of those very smart affairs with about six small screens, holding about 150 clients. He was amazed at the food that you could buy before you went in. Last time he went there was a glass booth and a lady sold packets of candy and little else.

Did he enjoy the experience? Will he go again? No he won't be going again. Absolutely not he assures me. Film no good then? No, the opposite in fact, he loved the film, as did I. A wonderful trek through British history and a different view of the longest reigning Monarch Britain has ever had. No, the problem was the sound. Way too loud! The trailers were the worst offenders, they blasted us out of our seats. As it was we had to put our fingers in our ears. The film itself was not too bad sound wise until the music played, same thing again, finger's up in our ears.

Now hear this (no pun intended) neither of us are on the right side of sixty, but does that mean that the younger element are suffering from hearing loss? (Since I imagine the majority of customers will be much younger than us - judging by the films they make these days!!) or are they so used to having their hearing blasted by their music that they have to have multi-sound all the time. If that is true, it can only get worse, because when they are sixty they are going to need it three times as loud as it is now.

Will I go again? Oh most certainly...I see Russell Crowe has a new film coming out...



Sarita Leone said...

Goodness, yes, I'd brave a headache for Russell Crowe! Lovely post, Margaret. You've made me want to check the movie listings!

Debbie Wallace said...

I just saw Russell Crowe on Entertainment Tonight.

I agree, the sound is extremely loud in movie theatres but it doesn't keep me from going once in a while.

Kathleen said...

My sister and I just went to a concert and our ears protested the loud amplifiers. Ouch!