Thursday, April 24, 2008

You CAN tell a book by its cover!

I thought I would post a picture of the cover for my latest novel to be published on the 30th May. (Robert Hale Limited). I am thrilled with it as it truly encapsulates the atmosphere of the story.

I am very attracted to covers, if you see a host of books in the book store what attracts your eye? If you're looking for a specific favourite author, then you have only to look for their name, but if you are browsing for something to read, your eyes have to be attracted to a cover that is colourful. That is why the Illustrator is, to my mind, vital to the process. I know that David Young the illustrator of my cover, had to have dipped into the book, or read it, because he has captured two very different aspects of the story!

Covers that I don't really like are those that picture "real people" I am put right off the story because in my mind I can imagine what the hero or heroine look like, with a real life picture half the magic is gone. No, let the artist do his or her magic...that is what I like. I wonder what you think?

Margaret Blake.


Sarita Leone said...

Oh my goodness, Margaret this is a beautiful cover! It is gorgeous and definitely makes me want to take a closer look. I'm tickled for you that your next book is coming out so soon! What happy news!

And thanks so much for sharing your cover with us. I love it.

Kathleen said...

Very warm and lovely cover, Margaret! So glad the artist shared your vision!

Debbie Wallace said...

Isn't that funny, I'd rather have real people on my book covers because I enjoy seeing my characters come to life. I try to be very detailed when I send in the art form request. So far I haven't been too disappointed, though I love WCP bookcovers over NCP because of all the detail they add.

I agree with Sarita, your book cover is absolutely beautiful Margaret. The artist did a wonderful job.