Friday, April 4, 2008

Hunks, birds and things that hover

Yesterday I worked on my laptop, which does not have Internet connection, because the electric company was working on the lines outside our house. Now, before I go further, I should tell you that I intentionally don't have Internet access on my laptop. I use it to work, and enforce the work-only status by eliminating any temptation to surf the web, read blogs or send chatty emails. I like those activities way too much, so I make myself work by staying away from the Internet. Kind of like storing chocolate bars in the freezer. As long as they're out of reach, I don't touch them. But put 'em on the shelf and my fingers get itchy and my mouth waters waiting for a taste. Or two. Or three.

So there I was, slaving away on the lappie while those hard-hatted, handsome hunky men hovered in the treetops. Pulling heavy lengths of wire, shoulders and muscles straining, those guys really caught my eye. Really. Caught. My. Eye. Did I say I was captivated? Well, I was. Totally.

Let's just say it was hard to concentrate on conflict, goal and motivation when all I wanted to do was gaze out the window. My gaze kept straying...

Bird-watching--yeah, that's it. I was looking for, um, sparrows. Crows. Robins. Uh huh. Um... You don't buy that, do you? Good. I'd hate to think you were that gullible. I was watching the hunks outside! Yes, my eyeballs were peeled and I couldn't look away! And, all right, I'll admit this too--I enjoyed myself. There, I've said it. I had fun watching the guys working on the power lines.

Then I wondered what it was about certain professions--electric lineman in that scary-but-thrilling bucket thing being on the top of the list--that make even an ordinary male seem super hunky. What turns a "regular guy" into a superhero? Any ideas?

These hot, sexy men people romances, of course. But if we take a closer look we'll notice (at least I did but I could just be trying to purge myself of the memory of the hard-hat hottie!) that a lot of heroes aren't particularly extraordinary. Some are even guy-next-door types. Often these guys next door have "manly" professions, like construction worker, cowboy, mechanic...the list goes on and on.

Makes me the professions make the hunk, or does the man make the profession more manly? And is this one of those great mysteries of life? Hmm...I wonder...

I couldn't help but smile when I read Margaret's post from yesterday about the professions not usually considered for heroes. How funny is that? Margaret and I were sharing a wavelength, sort of. I am so tickled by the thought I was even close to one of Margaret's wavelengths!

And she's right, of course, about choosing professions for heroes. It has never, ever occured to me to make one of mine a dentist, although I love my dentist. He's a darling man, kind and smart, funny and gentle and makes my teeth feel like a million bucks. I wonder... Do you think he'd consider getting one of those bucket thingies to hold the dental chair? And maybe, I don't know...maybe wear a hard hat while he works?

Have a great weekend!


margaret blake said...

Isn't that the strangest thing, to be thinking along the same lines, but at least you, Sarita had handsome hunks to inspire you, while I had the dentist.Definitely not hunky, and a female to boot!

It's sort of like there is only ever one plot, it has to contain religion, sex, mystery and the aristocracy.

"My God," said the Duchess, "I'm pregnant, who did it?"

Got to bring the tone down a wee bit!!!



Debbie Wallace said...

LOL, I think it's the profession that helps make the man manly. While there's nothing wrong with a doctor or dentist, I just can't picture them as an alpha male as easy as I can a construction worker, cowboy, or detective. There has to be an element of danger. How dangerous can it be pulling a tooth? I guess we could throw in the risk of getting his finger bitten off:)

Kathleen said...

Funny blog!