Friday, April 25, 2008

For the birds

The birds are back. Big time. Our yard is a flurry of flapping wings and the air is filled with birdsong. I was never a big bird watcher before my husband began pointing out the various types of birds. Once I could identify a cow bird, finch or cardinal I began to take notice. Now I'm hooked.
I thought I'd share a couple of the fun feeders in our yard. I'm on the run this morning, heading out to pick up 25 fir trees. It's going to be a busy weekend here but when I stop to rest at least I'll be able to enjoy our feathered friends!
Have a great weekend! :)


Debbie Wallace said...

I love the telephone feeder! The other is a humming bird feeder, isn't it? My dad has feeders all over his back yard. Birds are fun to watch and after a while you find yourself looking for the return of specific ones.

Kathleen said...

What a lovely reminder of spring and I love the whimsical telephone feeder too.

Anonymous said...

What great photos! We have lots of birds in our yard but they are mostly crows. Love the hummingbird feeder! Really gorgeous!


margaret blake said...

I love the telephone box, it reminds me of the ones we used to have here.

I love the birds in the garden, we have blackbirds and blue tits, as well as sparrows and starlings. We used to hve song thrushes but they don't come anymore. Too many cats around I guess.

Lovely post, such a lovely sign that spring is here...


Sarita Leone said...

Debbie, yes, it is a hummingbird feeder. They're usually red but I just couldn't resist this pretty blue one.

Kathy, I bought the phone feeder for my hubby for Valentine's Day. I smiled when I saw it and we've been smiling ever since! It looks really festive hanging beneath a lilac tree.

Pam, thanks. You know, even crows can be fun to watch. They look like little old men as they walk across the lawn, don't they?

Oh Margaret, song thrushes! I wouldn't mind at all hearing those.

Thanks, everybody, for stopping by! Hope your weekend was a good one! :)