Friday, February 29, 2008

Va-va-va Voom!

Last night it was monstrously cold here. My husband and I ate a late dinner, then settled in before a roaring fire with huge mugs of hot chocolate. Neither of us was inclined to play chess, or cards or read. Then, what better way to pass a frosty Thursday night than by watching a movie? My husband graciously allowed me to choose the movie for the night. I know he figured I'd choose something like The Remains of the Day or Pride and Prejudice or even While You Were Sleeping. All favorites of mine, but I didn't choose any of them.

So, what did I pick from the movie library? Raiders of the Lost Ark. Why an adventure rather than a love story? Well, that Harrison Ford is one hot hunk. And I've got a mind to write a story about an archaelogist. Recently I saw a documentary on the treasures of Egypt and it's got me thinking. Tonight, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Still going after watching the handsome hero, all in the name of research, mind you.

What's your idea of a hunky hero? Adventurer? Or someone tamer?

By the way, tomorrow's the day Vineyard Mambo releases! I can barely keep myself from laughing out loud. :)

Happy Leap Day! And have a great weekend!


Debbie Wallace said...

I love the title of your new book! Congrats on its release.

Harrison Ford is a hunk, I've loved him since watching him in the Star Wars movies. Some of my other favorite hunks? Victor Mature, Robert Mitchem, Tom Cruise, Charles Bronson, and Daniel Day Louis (not sure of the spelling).

margaret blake said...

Sarita. I LOVE Harrison Ford, like Debbie even from the early days. I remember him in Hanover Square with Leslie Ann (?) a real weepy and he was just luscious. Also in Witness. Oh my gosh this guy is just delightful. He took a boat with his skinny girlfriend on the Llangollen Canal in Wales and my cousin saw them. My cousin has no interest in film stars, such a waste!

Lovely post - I could just taste the hot chocolate and it makes me want one!

Congratulations on your book being released, and lots of good luck with it.

Margaret B

Susan said...

Harrison Ford. I wonder if they call him Harry at home? ;-)

Congratulations on the book release. I can't wait to read this one!! I'll be ordering it tomorrow morning!!

Dru said...

I love Harrison Ford and I'm looking forward to his new Indiana Jones movie.

Anonymous said...

It's a sweep. I think he's a hunk too!


Kathleen said...

Counting down to your release. Bravo! In leading men I'm kind of partial to George Clooney.

Sarita Leone said...

Thank you all for the wonderful, heartwarming support. I love you all for your kind words, and many other reasons besides. You are super. Reading all the well wishes just completely warms me inside. :)

I'm smiling as I see we are definitely women with good taste when it comes to choosing hunks! Daniel Day Louis, he's a good one no matter how you spell it! And Robert Mitchem, too. George Clooney? Hum-a-na, hum-a-na, hum-a-na -- he steals the words from my mind!

Yes, we can pick 'em. Tomorrow, when we're relaxing and, probably, the snow is falling, I'm planning to watch the second and third Indy Jones films. Research, remember it's all in the name of research! :)