Monday, February 25, 2008

They say a picture's worth a thousand words...

Sigh...strong jaw, bulging biceps, wash board abs, firm mouth that I bet would turn soft and coaxing under the right circumstances. The mystery beneath that good ole boy white cowboy hat. What a contradiction! I bet there's nothing good about him. But he does inspire, doesn't he? He just reeks of the strong, silent type. Maybe a little moody. Definitely sexy. And let's face it, ladies of all ages can enjoy looking at a handsome man in his prime.

I'm in the process of finishing up revisions of a cowboy book when a friend sent me this picture. I'd like to think he's exactly what I envision my cowboy hero to be. Okay, maybe my hero's hat is a little dirty and sweat stained from all those days working the range. His jeans are old and faded, but fit just as snugly. And those muscles? Well, of course he'd have those muscles from riding a horse all day and wrestling with cows!

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. I bet I could come up with a thousand if I was forced to. I'd rather look, in stead:)


margaret blake said...

Sorry, he does nothing for me. Far too muscle. I like muscles but that stomach, ugh! No thanks.

Think Robert Redford in his prime. Now there was one beautiful male.


Debbie Wallace said...

I didn't say WHAT those thousand words were! LOL To each his own. Isn't it funny what we find attractive? Do you remember the actor Victor Mature? I loved him and thought he was so sexy, especially with those bedroom eyes! Most people go, yuck, he's homely.

Nothing can top Robert Redford in his prime...except maybe Victor Mature:)

margaret blake said...

Oh Debbie, I used to LOVE Victor Mature, I remember him in a movie with Betty Grable and he was a show promoter, I thought he was the sexiest guy ever.


Sarita Leone said...

You've certainly got my attention Debbie! :)

Kathleen said...

I can see that this photo could be inspiring.

Debbie Wallace said...

Oh Margaret, we have something else in common! Victor Mature. There was something about him, wasn't there.

margaret blake said...

There you go Debbie, something else in common.

Incidentally for a really dishy young guy we have an advertisement for Calvin Klein and there is the super young fellow in the picture, bare chested and just about perfect.

You might have the same ad over there.

Now isn't this terrible, old girls going on about young guys. I think if it were fellows doing it we would be moaning!

Margaret B