Thursday, February 7, 2008


I recall Debbie writing last week that she would enjoy going through a storm, she would be warm and comfortable and safe inside and be able to let her imagination run riot.

It got me thinking about the bad weather and how it could be seen as romantic. Picture the scene, the wind howling outside, you and your beloved inside by a roaring log fire (apple wood as it smells so sweet). A white fur rug, a bottle of good wine, stacks of food in the freezer. It would not matter if the electric went off either because you could use candles, so much more romantic. You would not need the services of an electric blanket either; you will be creating enough sparks without that!

I remembered a film I had seen years ago, it made a lasting impression. "Room at the Top" starring Laurence Harvey and Simone Signoret. They went away for an illicit weekend to the coast. The scene showed them on a wind swept beach, above them a glowering sky, swirls of rain soaking them but they were deliciously happy. Running and kissing and then when they got back to the cottage, there was a roaring fire, the wine and, and...

If you are young and madly in love you are invincible, nothing will get you down, all you want is to be with our partner. It is the stuff of romantic novels and films, is it not? But would it be romantic caught in a storm, five kids in the house, or if you are elderly? Then perhaps we would veer from the romantic to the tragic.

I think stormy weather works best with romance, then we can enjoy it, whether are reading a book or watching a move. It is comfortable, we think we would like to be there...but the reality? Who wants to even think about that!




Kathleen said...

I think hurricanes are only romantic in the movies. We are always to busy worrying about flying debris or breaking windows.

Debbie Wallace said...

You got that right, Kathy! Still, I love storms and always have. I must be crazy:)

Sarita Leone said...

We got hit with a whopper of an ice storm last week so I'm just about ready for a stretch of nice, calm weather. Blue skies and balmy breezes...yeah, that's the thing!