Monday, February 4, 2008

Cupboards, Closets and Drawers

I was just thinking. I do that once in a while. I know why God invented cupboards, closets and drawers. The average person might use them for convenient storage areas for their valuables or seasonal stuff they don't want out all year. However, I fully utilize mine in every way.

I can fully understand the reasoning behind cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. I mean, come on, isn't that obvious? They're the perfect places to store kitchen stuff; the junk drawer (this is a drawer usually located at the top for convenience) is for everything else.

Closets aren't just a place for clothes and shoes and those purses you can't part with. They're also great places to stuff luggage sets, isn't that what the back of the closet is meant for? Store bins of gifts you've bought for people over the years and than forgot to give out, or found something better to give them. How about those pictures you never found a place to hang? They don't take up much room. Why, I even have a chest of drawers in one closet, every drawer jam packed with junk, I mean valuables. Oh, I almost forgot the two cat carriers. If you can close the door than you have room left over and you're not doing something right.

Cupboards come in great for storing the smaller stuff that would otherwise get lost in the closet. Stuff like your stash of booze, some so old that it would probably kill you if you consumed it. All those different sets of liquor glasses that used to go in the bar you had. Cupboards can also be used to store the photo albums you've filled over the years, old books that won't fit on the book case you have, records for the record player you don't have, videos that were replaced with DVDs, games you don't play anymore. The list is endless what you can hide in there. Hide? I meant store. After all, you might need that stuff some day.

Drawers were invented for the smaller stuff that would get lost in the closet and cupboards. Isn't it funny how most drawers turn into junk drawers?

Don't even get me started on the antique wood boxes I have around the house. But they come in handy for storage and you can also put stuff on top of them:)

On the bright side I have to say my house looks neat and organized. No one knows my secret. I only pray they don't look under any of the beds:)


Kathleen said...

The problem is once I tuck things away I forgot about them. So it can be quite thrilling to clean a closet and discover these items

Sarita Leone said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie, you make me smile! :) I can just see it all...all the wonderful stuff you've got tucked away for safekeeping!

I'm pretty vigilant about closets, cupboards and drawers, although I do keep my chocolate stash in my sock drawer. But doesn't everyone do that? *G*

One room in the barn, though, is definitely a storage nightmare! But shh! Please, let's make that our secret. :)

Debbie Wallace said...

I do that once in a while, too, Kathy. But then I put the stuff right back telling myself I might need it some day.

Debbie Wallace said...

I keep my chocolate stash in the freezer. I started doing that years ago thinking that if I froze it I wouldn't eat it up so fast. Only problem is, frozen chocolate is VERY good:)